I have worked with Mel on a number of occasions, lately utilizing her services for a three-pass edit on my historical romance novel.
Mel is the most thorough, helpful, useful and positive editor I have known. With each pass she built my story into something that was so much better than I could have done alone.
I will be using her services again, and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.
Bree Verity – author



Melanie has edited business marketing articles for me that required a specific word count for publication. She is an expert at tightening up the writing without losing content or tone. One article was specifically challenging with controversial information that she was not completely familiar with. Melanie pulled the article together by carefully questioning content-specific sections to be sure not to lose the nuances of the information and to shape it into a more meaningful, understandable article for a reader new to the industry. Her editing assistance was invaluable and has helped draw more clients to my business. I highly recommend Melanie to anyone seeking to increase their business.
Faye Stefan – entrepreneur



Worked quickly to finish editing/proofreading a piece ahead of schedule that I was working on. Very clearly explained issues with clarity, grammar, and punctuation. We went back and forth on my story several times over the span of a week until it was polished to perfection.
Just starting out as an indie author, I found her rates affordable, and the service well above and beyond what I expected!
Jonathan Leighton – author



When you see the truth in it’s kindest form then you most likely have gotten your work reviewed by Melanie. I am so looking forward to continuing working with her as she is a professional that knows what she speaks about.
Ciecie Newson – author