Full Manuscript Editing

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My full manuscript editing includes:

  • Manuscript Assessment Report discussing what is working well in the piece and identifying issues that need resolving or strengthening
  • Content Edits for addressing the large issues like character development, pacing, structure, tension, suspense, factual errors, and inconsistencies
  • Stylistic Edits for clarifying meaning, ensuring coherence and flow, and refining the language.
  • Copyedits for spelling, punctuation, capitalization, verb tenses and grammatical errors. Also included is a search for continuity errors, unbalanced paragraph lengths, poor word choices, missed words, double words, and so on
  • Final Proofreading for comparing the final print copy with the last approved text to spot errors in formatting or any copy errors that may have crept in or were missed in the copyediting stage

A La Carte Editing Services

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I can perform any single editing stage from first content edits to last stage proofreading of your print copy. Available for any portion of your manuscript, from the first few chapters, 50K words, or the complete manuscript. I also offer editing and critique on any aspect of your submission packages or business copy.

Manuscript Assessment Report

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I offer manuscript assessment reports which will help you understand the strengths of your manuscript and the areas that need specific attention, whether it be with content, style, plot, character development, or repeated grammatical issues. From there you can choose to address these issues on your own or hire my services.

Query and Synopsis Consultation

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It is critical to get your query and synopsis right if you wish to have an agent or publisher request to read your manuscript; often the query and synopsis are the hardest things to write, even above your novel. My consultation services will help you pinpoint the essence of your plot, theme, conflict, and character arcs and help you understand how to construct a query and synopsis that will excite agents and publishers.

Submission Package Editing

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You’ve worked hard on your novel and are about to hit send on your submission–such an exciting and nerve-wracking time. But before you do, I’ll perform a comprehensive edit on the query letter, synopsis, and the first ten pages of your manuscript so that your submission package will shine.

Back-Cover Blurbs and Bios

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I offer back-cover blurb and bio writing and editing, suitable for Amazon, Goodreads, web pages, and social media.

Manuscript Coaching

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Have you started a novel but stopped because you simply didn’t know where to take it next? Do your characters seem flat? Have you lost the plot? I can assist you. With my manuscript coaching, I can help you breathe life into your characters, strengthen the conflict and tension, discover where the plot should go next, balance the pacing, smooth plot holes, tie up your ending, and help you work through any other unresolved issues that are keeping you from finishing your novel. Choose a one-hour consultation or weekly sessions, whatever you need to help get you unstuck and moving in the right direction.

The Zero to Sixty Plan

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This is the crème de la crème of service packages. Included in this package is everything you need to take your novel from the starting gate to the finish line. We’ll start with manuscript coaching to help you work out any problems or issues with your text, then it’s weekly encouragement, support, and accountability as you work through the first, second, and subsequent drafts of your manuscript. When your manuscript is ready, I’ll work my editing magic on it, putting it through all stages of the editing process. Together we will put together your submission package, and I’ll polish it up. I’ll also give you tips on where to submit, and how to keep track of your submissions. Are you self-publishing? I’ll coach you on how to write your back cover blurbs and press releases, and I’ll edit them. I offer a payment plan for this package to help you manage your funds while you are hard at work. This package is also suitable for non-fiction books.

Non-Fiction Editing

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With 20+ years of experience writing non-fiction web content and magazine articles, I’m fully equipped to edit your non-fiction manuscript, blog, or articles.

Please visit my Contact page for pricing and scheduling.

I look forward to hearing about your project and discovering how I can help you!